Invest in Innovation Disruption the Future

Bruin Capital Management (BCM) is UCLA's undergraduate student-led hedge fund designed to invest in the world's most innovative and disruptive businesses in emerging industries. With a team of passionate and driven individuals, BCM seeks to pioneer a new wave of investing through novel methods of risk management, asset allocation, and portfolio diversification.

We Generate Alpha Through Thematic Investment Strategies

We are constantly seeking new ways to achieve capital appreciation through unqiue idea generation, intensive fundamental research, and thematic investment strategies with a focus on emerging growth companies.

We Create The Next Generation of Investors

We provide our members with an intensive training program to help them become highly skilled investors, develop their area of expertise, and grow as professionals. This will enable them to significantly expand their financial acumen and stay ahead of the curve at UCLA.

We Value Diverse Thoughts and Backgrounds

We champion diverse educational backgrounds (i.e. political science, biology, physics, etc.) to cultivate an intellectual community that praises contrarian and idiosyncratic reasoning.

About BCM

Bruin Capital Management is a student operated hedge fund focused on investing in companies that pioneer next-generation technology and innovation. BCM is UCLA’s first undergraduate organization operated as a hedge fund. Our mission is to achieve long-term capital appreciation with contrarian, blue-ocean investment strategies to discover long-term winners. We implement unorthodox investment and portfolio management strategies to identify large-scale investment opportunities in emerging markets that will have an immense impact in our future. These include, but are not limited to, 3D Printing, Electric Vehicles, Financial Technology, Space Exploration, BioTech, Renewable Energy, AI, and more. One of our objectives is to educate a new generation of investors. At first glance, the financial markets may seem complex, but here at BCM, we aim to provide you the necessary support to overcome the seemingly steep learning curve.

Where We Go