Our Team

Executive Board

Michael is a rising senior studying Financial Actuarial Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics. Currently starting a company in AI investing, he works to bring accessible cutting-edge technology to the next generation of potential investors and meet all their personalized finance objectives. Favorite Investor: Jim Simons.
Michael Thompson
Chief Executive Officer
Luke is a rising junior Business Economics student passionate about environmental economics, externalities, and technology. He hopes to make connections in the world of finance and pursue environmental reform using economic theory as an analyst. Favorite Investor: Warren Buffet.
Luke Garlick
Chief Investing Officer
Sanjum is a rising senior studying Economics and Political Science. Currently working in Real Estate Private Equity, he aims to capitalise on India’s growing economy and build a real estate empire. Favourite Investor: Benjamin Graham.
Sanjum Dhaliwal
Chief Operating Officer
BCM_Photoshoot-514 (1)
Jordan is a rising sophomore studying Mathematics and Economics. Aiming towards graduate school for monetary economics, Jordan hopes to work in central banking and monetary policy analysis. Favorite Investor: Ray Dalio.
Jordan Lee
Chief Financial Officer
Atij is a rising sophomore studying Computer Science and aims to blend his software skills with finance to pioneer innovative solutions. His ultimate goal is to establish his own company at the intersection of technology and economics. Favorite Investor: Larry Fink.
Atij Mahesh
Chief Technology Officer
Maimuna is a rising sophomore majoring in Business/Economics with a minor in Data Science Engineering. She aims to explore careers in management consulting, financial planning, and more. Favorite investor: Ray Dalio.
Maimuna Chowdhary
Chief People's Officer
Nicole is a rising junior at UCLA studying Economics. With experience in Assurance, she aims to pursue a career in accounting. Favorite Investor: Warren Buffett.
Nicole Schock
Chief Marketing Officer
Drona is a rising sophomore at UCLA studying Economics and Data Theory. Working in Investment Banking,his ambition is to harness the potential of the growing global economy and contribute to shaping effective public policies in the future. Favorite Investor: Michael Burry.
Drona Sharma
Chief of External Outreach